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Note. When I have BitLocker enabled this keyboard works just fine. What is BitLocker. BitLocker is a Microsoft’s disk encryption and security tool, integrated into Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise versions. To use BitLocker without adding additional authentication, you need an enabled, owned TPM1. Use BitLocker . BitLocker is a feature that's built into most Windows 10 Pro, Education, and Enterprise editions. If you have installed a TPM or UEFI update and your device is unable to boot, even when the correct BitLocker Recovery Key is entered, you can restore the ability to boot by using the BitLocker recovery key and a Surface recovery image to remove the BitLocker protectors from the boot drive. g. 1 Tagged 0x803100b5, 0x803100b5 No Pre-Boot Keyboard Detected, bitlocker, Bitlocker 0x803100b5 No Pre Bitlocker and other drive encryption is fundamentally uncrackable. This method is not as initiative as compared to Manager BitLocker, but still, you can use this method to back up recovery key. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. And The Final Result BitLocker Group Policy settings can be accessed using the Local Group Policy Editor and the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) under Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption. It works with other keyboards, including my TEK. For testing purposes, I created a small partition on my C drive with its own drive letter, put some garbage data in it, and successfully encrypted it. Bluetooth is not initialized until Windows is up and running. RE: External keyboard connected to Dell docking station not working at Bitlocker prompt (works in BIOS and at Windows login screen) Ok, with the E-Port docks, that should definitely work, and that throws out my questions about USB-C and the controller in the WD15/TB16 docks. This video is aimed at those who are having to boot using their Bitlocker Recovery Code, as the Bitlocker Pin has stopped working. Here's how to use BitLocker for just that. The key does the unlocking of the drive. However, a wireless keyboard that uses a dongle (e. In such cases they should work. BitLocker is a solid starting point for device encryption, but enterprises need more if they are to have a true comprehensive strategy for securing all devices. Bitlocker is now off on the boot drive until I can get it to work with my TPM  Feb 25, 2018 If a working wireless or PS2 keyboard is available, or if you can use the be asked to enter a BitLocker Recovery Key or username/password. The Backup-BitLockerKeyProtector cmdlet saves a recovery password key protector for a volume protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). ” User data is stored on either the operating system volume or additional data volumes, which can also be encrypted by using BitLocker. The user may not be able to provide required input to unlock the volume. Checklist . This means we have to open the laptop screen to input the Bitlocker PIN, then leave it open and GPO dictates that the machine hibernates when the lid is closed. Feb 9, 2017 Solved: I installed several E6330 with Win10 Enterprise and BitLocker encryption . In this tutorial we’ll show you 2 simple methods to turn off / disable BitLocker on Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. Wiping macOS and installing Windows only. Depending on your security concerns, a wireless keyboard presents another attack surface. I have enabled BitLocker in Win10 x64 and entered a PIN for system unlock at startup. Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard | Microsoft Hardware So I began my search for a small keyboard that I could tuck away in my bag. The reason you can't type letters is that BitLocker Recovery Keys are ALL NUMERIC. No pre-boot keyboard or Windows Recovery environment detected. Step 1: Open File Explorer, click on This PC. I trust I learn a simple solution. . For that reason Windows will not let you enable Bitlocker with TPM+PIN on tablets unless you enable the following policy: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Bitlocker Drive Encryption\Operating System Drives\ Enable use of Bitlocker authentication requiring preboot keyboard input on slates At home and office I have the docking station which I connect a USB Mouse and Keyboard (Microsoft Arc/USB) to. The wireless keyboard also doesn't work. 1 32-bit? Bitlocker windwos 8 on screen keyboard? Bitlocker windows 8 missing? Bitlocker option missing in windows 8 and 8. BitLocker is a full-disk encryption feature included with Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows. OMG! I spent hours trying to solve Bitlocker Error Code 0x803100b5 No Pre-Boot Keyboard Detected. The password is only the password to the key that unlocks the data on the drive. The BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool automates the following processes to configure the hard disk drive correctly: 1. You can use the recovery No, a Bluetooth keyboard won't work for BitLocker prompt. I was working on a Task Sequence recently that involved enabling BitLocker and storing the keys in ActiveDirectory, all was going well until we started building Surface Pro 4 devices. Unless they changed their keyboard layout to EN-US before they specified their new BitLocker PIN or password, users may need to press a different key to what is displayed on their keyboard in order to enter the character they want. When the laptop is docked in the keyboard stops working at  Hi, We are having some issues with entering the BitLocker PIN with external keyboards on docked ThinkPads. Please make  and our systems are using Msft Bitlocker on them at boot before accessing up the Keyboard that is plugged into the USB-C Dock at boot up?) A security expert has identified that by press the keyboard combination of SHIFT + F10 during a Windows 10 update the user can bypass Bitlocker. Of course it works great with the physical keyboard attached, but not so as a tablet. It runs Windows 8 x64 Enterprise with Bitlocker enabled. Right-click on the pen drive with BitLocker encryption and select Manage BitLocker. No pre-boot keyboard or Windows Recovery Environment detected. BitLocker prompt is way before that. McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 5. 2+ hardware chip. BitLocker (TMP). When the laptop is docked, the external keyboard does not work in the Bitlocker screen. Windows - Encryption Logo. Bitlocker is activated and the harddrive is encrypted during the installation. After installation of new Anti-Virus software (I uninstalled AVG beforehand),I have a screen asking for the recovery key. There is one being displayed on my screen which has alpha characters, for some reason only my numerics work on my keyboard. Bitlocker and other drive encryption is fundamentally uncrackable. Error: Group Policy settings require the creation of a startup PIN, but a pre-boot keyboard is not available on this device. Download bitlocker drive encryption for windows 8 and 8. Click System and Security. Note that if you do not enable this policy setting options in the "Require additional authentication at startup" policy might not be available on such devices. 1/10? Win 8. Step 2: Click on Turn off BitLocker. The keyboard does not accept a second character. Try disconnecting the keyboard, rebooting, and then reconnecting it to the Surface laptop. This is pretty annoying, since now have to boot my laptop detached from my docking station (which is behind my monitors), enter the BitLocker passphrase, and then attach it to the docking station. WinMagic can manage your BitLocker deployment, leverage your existing investment and layer additional security functionality to fully realize the benefits of FDE on all platforms. The only way to insert the PIN is attaching a USB keyboard directly to the Surface Studio. To Enter the "BitLocker Recovery Key" to Unlock this Drive NOTE: This step is for if you lost or damaged the startup key (USB flash drive) for this drive. Store photos and docs online. Now here is the problem, next time we power on a computer with a keyboard connected after the installation the user gets prompted to type in bitlocker recovery key. Detach tablet portion from keyboard and power down the tablet. This document provides solution for ThinkPad X1 Tablet keyboard not functioning at BitLocker screen To open the Group Policy Editor, press Windows+R on your keyboard, type “gpedit. Sometimes, when booting up, Bitlocker does not display the on-screen keyboard and nothing I do can bring it up. Here’s how to find your recovery key. Set the policy optionConfigure use of hardware-based encryption for operating system drives to Disabled. Before performing the two button shutdown to fix Surface Pro keyboard not working issue, check whether your type cover is correctly connected to your Surface Pro 4/3. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R and type: Bluetooth: If the Bluetooth receiver is managed by the OS then you cannot use a BT keyboard to unlock the OS drive with Bitlocker. If you have sensitive data on your computer, you'll want to ensure that it stays secure by encrypting the drive. How is it posible that a keyboard can cause bitlocker recovery mode? Bitlocker is activated and the harddrive is encrypted during the installation. I encrypted my Windows 8 OS drive with bitlocker, and on booting, I only have a wireless keyboard attached, and it is unable to type in the password (I assume because the drivers have not yet been loaded). When the Windows Recovery Environment is not enabled and this policy is not enabled you cannot turn on BitLocker on a device that uses the Windows touch keyboard. Press Enter. …We've seen that BitLocker will react to…certain scenarios and trigger BitLocker recovery If your Surface Book 2 is booting to a BitLocker recovery screen and will not continue to Windows, follow these steps. If you have a Home version of Windows, you won’t be able to use BitLocker. Surface Pro 2) unless you always have a physical keyboard attached to them. To let BitLocker prompt for password at boot, you need pre-boot password for this full disk encryption. *** If this video is helpful, please don't forget to subscribe Covers querying Windows for your current Bitlocker Recovery Key (if you currently have access to the files on the drive), and the original Bitlocker Recovery Pin creation in-case you can't get Fact 1. MBAM A GPO is defined which is not supported in combination with BitLocker Management by SafeGuard. Hi. At the Backup recovery key screen for BitLocker Drive Encryption, choose Print the recovery key. Other notes: After removing the BitLocker Encryption - part of the issue persists - keyboard and mouse are responsive but startup is slower - perhaps by 12 seconds Enable use of BitLocker authentication requiring preboot keyboard input on slates – Enabled Default Recommended Group Policy for Surface Pro Devices – Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/BitLocker Drive Encryption/Operating System Drives How to Back Up the BitLocker Recovery Key of a Drive in Windows 8 If you forget the password for an OS drive, fixed data drive, or removable data drive Windows 10: Bitlocker not recognizing keyboard on Lenvovo Ideapad 100S Discus and support Bitlocker not recognizing keyboard on Lenvovo Ideapad 100S in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hey, so I've been trying to access my laptop for a while now, but this bitlocker recovery always starts up when I boot. Very frustrating If you forget your BitLocker password but have saved BitLocker recovery key on Microsoft account, it is easy to find that recovery key and unlock your drive. First Try I have started experimenting with Bitlocker on my Win 10 Pro system. -Policy is picked up by the device and Bitlocker encryption attempts to start but fails. most of Logitech's offer) will work because their USB dongle simulates USB HID which is generally supported during boot. Problem solved. After encrypting it and locking it with a password, I Backup-Bit Locker Key Protector. These are the six simple things you need to check before you go through with BitLocker encryption. The BitLocker recovery key is a 32-digit number stored in your computer. If no physical keyboard is present a virtual keyboard should show up to enter the PIN. Go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption\Operating System Drives. Using Bitlocker to encrypt Virtual Hard Drives (VHD) that attach as Document Libraries. Surface Pro comes with BitLocker encryption enabled by default. x, 4. keyboard, but have to use the laptop's one. Press win+x keyboard shortcut to open quick; Now launch Command Prompt (Admin). This process was needed to protect saved information on a shared computer. BitLocker doesn't check if the system supports a pre-boot keyboard. When it comes to data protection, internal and external drive protection is important in the event a device is lost or stolen. 2. Problem When using a Dell XPS (we’re using the 13″ 9360 Model) with the new Thunderbolt USB Type-C docking station. Head to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > BitLocker Drive Encryption > Operating System Drives in the Group Policy window. The key you are looking for is a string of 48 numbers. And this will allow you to input text on devices without hardware keyboard (for example on your Microsoft Surface tablet): Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption\Operating System Drives Enable use of BitLocker authentication requiring preboot keyboard input on slates: Enabled If you don't want to use BitLocker to protect your computer, you can still configure a power-on password using which of the following?-Windows POP technology-the BIOS-a feature available on some DVD drive-your USB keyboard Click on BitLocker Drive Encryption. 1 activate bitlocker? Windows 8 bitlocker keyboard? Bitlocker drive encryption windows 7 download? Why is Bitlocker missing from Control Panel windows 8. Though the system drive is encrypted by this encryption tool and you have also added a PIN for BitLocker Windows 10, it just pops up at startup with Bitlocker a password instead of a PIN. Attempted several things, finally pressing Esc at boot up BEFORE BitLocker password screen appeared. Currently (as far as I know) the onscreen keyboard is only available on the Bitlocker decrypt screen when using a touch screen. Activate BitLocker on the operating system drive. If you can't decrypt your hard drive in order to turn off BitLocker, you'll need to use your BitLocker recovery key to unlock the drive before you can turn off BitLocker. After reboot arrived at BitLocker login screen. The drive is not properly prepared for Bitlocker encryption (can be done using the Bitlocker Drive Preparation tool BdeHdCfg. Type the following command at the command prompt, replace the drive (c:) with the one that you have encrypted using BitLocker. When the laptop is docked in the keyboard stops working at the This topic for IT professionals describes how to recover BitLocker keys from AD DS. I have the BitLocker ID, but because my Microsoft account is locked (changing the security email) I can't do anything till the end of the month. msc” into the Run dialog, and press Enter. Most of the BitLocker Group Policy settings are applied when BitLocker is initially turned on for a drive. Here’s how to do that. Under BitLocker Drive Encryption, click Turn on BitLocker. (see screenshots below) This is because BitLocker will, by default, fail to activate on this system; Surface Pro reports that it has no keyboard to BitLocker and BitLocker is designed to avoid activating on a system without a keyboard. See also: KB-86810 - Prerequisite checklist for installing Management of Native Encryption for BitLocker (Windows) or FileVault (OS X) KB-84292 - How to troubleshoot FileVault related Management of Native Encryption activation issues KB-82456 - How to enable debug logging for MNE I recently had to encrypt a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 using Bitlocker, and in our environment that means backing up the key to Active Directory. BitLocker is not available in Starter and Home versions. Plugging in a USB Keyboard and Mouse - Seems to resolve the unresponsiveness, but isn't a reasonable solution when on the road. Choose how you want to unlock your drive during startup: Insert a USB flash drive or Enter a password. I didn't see the key you posted before it was removed, but whatever it was, if it had letters in it, it was not a BitLocker Recovery Key. Computer configuration\Administration models\Windows components\BitLocker drive encryption\Operating system drives; Make sure that BitLocker authentication is enabled, which requires you to enter a pre-initialization keyboard on the slate discs. HP Elite x2 1011 G1 Tablet with Power Keyboard Base Model, Therefore users might have problems when entering enhanced PINs or complex passwords. Summary: This article will show you how to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive with/without password and recovery key, how to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive after Bitlocker doesn't accept the password or recovery key and how to format Bitlocker encrypted drive without password or recovery key. Many Surface Pro users don’t realize that BitLocker was turned on until they get locked out of Windows 10, or be asked for a recovery key during advanced boot up. This week’s post is all about Windows BitLocker management with Microsoft Intune. It works in BIOS and in Windows itself, but not in  Jan 22, 2018 How to change the language and keyboard layout used in the BitLocker Device Encryption pre-boot environment. For example, the Dell  Jul 19, 2016 Enable BitLocker encryption, and Windows will automatically unlock your press Windows+R on your keyboard, type “gpedit. Creating a recovery model for BitLocker while you are planning your So I enabled Bitlocker and found out that I can't boot my PC because it doesn't recognize my keyboard. Now when you boot your Surface Pro 3 and are asked for your Bitlocker PIN just press the keyboard button at the top right hand corner and you will open the onscreen keyboard: Just remember that this onscreen keyboard is only available on Surface Pro 3 and some third party devices. Some tablets may have a BIOS that supports a software keyboard. I recently encrypted my portable USB hard drive with BitLocker. You may have assumed that this is a bug in the OS, but, as it turns out, it actually isn’t a bug. msc. This tablet has no external keyboard. Performing full disk encryption on a computer that is infected by a rootkit may cause the computer to bitlocker keeps asking for key, computer keeps asking for bitlocker key, surface asking for bitlocker key, surface pro 3 keeps asking for bitlocker, surface pro 4 asking for bitlocker key, surface pro keeps asking for bitlocker recovery key, why does my laptop keep locking and needing bitlocker, windows 10 bitlocker keeps asking for key, Have just purchased and encrypted my Dell Laptop. • Windows 7. It's possible that some keyboards may use BT between the keyboard and dedicated (USB) receiver. If your Bitlocker policy requires the entering a PIN then yes you need a keyboard on the Pro 1, as no one has the Pro 2 yet we can't tell. Just been and bought a PS2 keyboard and that sorted it, thanks. This is called a “split-load configuration. To do so, start the Full Scan or Critical Areas Scan task. However, after the Surface was encrypted, running the “manage-bde -protectors -get C:” command showed it only had a TPM PCR Validation Profile, and was missing the Numerical Password ID that […] BitLocker Problem with SCCM 2012 and Surface Pro Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. The BitLocker feature of Windows is supposed to offer a degree of peace of mind that files are going to be secure -- but one expert points out that a simple key combo is all it takes to bypass the Mar 24, 2016 When the laptop is docked, the external keyboard does not work in the Bitlocker screen. Is there any way of overcoming the issue whereby the keyboard layout for Bitlocker PIN entry is English US? My understanding is that the keyboard layout for the Bitlocker pre boot screen is taken from the installation media language, not the installed OS. Just make sure you don’t apply “Enable use of Bitlocker authentication requiring preboot keyboard input on slates” to any tablets that don’t have a preboot onscreen keyboard (e. How to set up Windows 10 BitLocker with a YubiKey Operating System Drives\ Enable use of Bitlocker authentication requiring preboot keyboard input on slates How to Enable Windows 10 Encryption : 3 Simple Ways . For those of you who did go through this, we congratulate you on your foresight. Turn the tablet on while detached and Windows should boot up. msc” into the To use this method, you will need to have enabled…this recovery method in the BitLocker group policy setting…shown on screen. You’ve got to be on Windows 10 Professional to do this (as BitLocker is only available on Windows 10 Professional) and Sign in with your Microsoft account. I would prefer The below steps are only necessary when enabling BitLocker on computers with TPMs, which most modern computers have. x, For details of MNE supported environments, see KB-79375 . The only problem is: Fact 2. exe) TPM is not activated (but defined as protector) Reboot the Surface Pro via the Two Button Shutdown to Fix the Surface Keyboard Not Working. Are there any ways to get the wireless keyboard working in time to enter the password at the bitlocker blue screen? Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard and type: gpedit. NOTE: Substitute F in the command below with the drive letter of the locked drive you want to unlock, and substitute BitLocker Recovery Key in the command below with the actual 48 digit BitLocker recovery key from step 4, 5, or 6 above. This is to avoid users being locked out if they cannot enter a preboot credential because of a lack of a keyboard. Two steps to remove BitLocker encryption from File Explorer. Thanks!! Reboot, the bitlocker unlock window comes up, I type in my code and the keyboard works fine. The only way I can boot is to go into the BIOS and then exit and continue to boot. …Microsoft have produced a useful BitLocker recovery guide…which is available for you to read…from the link on screen. Systems used by many users can not have custom VHD document libraries with individual passwords. The Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring Administrator's Guide Published: August 1, 2011 Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) builds on BitLocker in Windows 7 and offers you an enterprise solution for BitLocker provisioning, monitoring and key recovery. Click BitLocker Drive Encryption. It works in BIOS and in Windows itself, but not in Bitlocker. Trying to use an external keyboard connected to the dock to input the BitLocker pin and the keyboard doesn’t respond. But that is just a work around and takes longer. The program enables Windows 10 users to encrypt an entire computer hard drive or removable storage disk, to protect the drive contents from malicious offline attacks. No Num Lock key on the surface pro keyboard. Enabling BitLocker with a TPM  The Windows touch keyboard (such as that used by tablets) isn't available in the pre-boot environment where BitLocker requires additional information such as a   Have to disable BitLocker on my HP Pavillion Laptop but cannot find the trouble disabling internal keyboard to use external keyboard instead. Description. Computer Encryption with Windows BitLocker. the second in the sequence is alpha character. The problem comes when I try to unlock the drive after a restart. To find out if your PC has a TPM, open Control Panel, then select BitLocker Drive Encryption > TPM Administration. How is it posible that a keyboard can cause bitlocker recovery mode? The BitLocker Repair Tool can assist administrators in recovering data from a corrupted or damaged disk volume that was encrypted with BitLocker. Login information is not good enough when you have uncontrolled access. Entire keyboard unresponsive, including Esc that is supposed to access Recovery screen. Feb 19, 2019 BitLocker is the encryption software installed on all UD-owned Windows login screen (shown below), press the Esc key on your keyboard. Logged in to windows, and the same problem comes up again. 1/10? Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Control Panel. BitLocker is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volume, securing both: user files and empty space. Windows BitLocker. It is possible that the UEFI Firmware has access to the touch screen but it is still unknown. Solved: I installed several E6330 with Win10 Enterprise and BitLocker encryption. Prior to starting full disk encryption on a computer, you are advised to make sure that the computer is not infected. Organizations can use BitLocker recovery information saved in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to access BitLocker-protected data. Either keyboard works with Bitlocker if I do that. 1. I cannot type the Microsoft Key provided except for the first digit of the key code. Hi, I have just enabled bitlocker without TMP security (motherboard doesn't support it), but after first boot-up I have noticed that the keyboard layout isn't the same that I have used during password setting: I use Italian layout, but during the unlock screenview the input layout is english (at least I think, I have to set the password to visible to find the correct char). Posted on July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016 by MaaadIT Posted in Computer Repair, Computer Technician, Encryption, Hardware, Healthcare IT, HIPAA, how to, Information Technology, IT, Microsoft, security, Software, Systems Administration, windows 8. I’m not able to use the keyboard in the BIOS or for entering BitLocker passphrase in the boot. Bitlocker recovery key prompt my alpha keys not working: Being prompted for Bitlocker key which I do not have. If you don't know your BitLocker key but you have your BitLocker recovery key, you can use that recovery key to unlock your drive. My solution was to start using gaming mouse pads, which are big enough for you to use the keyboard and the mouse comfortably. How to Backup BitLocker Recovery Key for Drive in Windows 10 A BitLocker recovery key is a special key that you can create when you turn on Bitlocker Drive Encryption for the first time on each drive that you encrypt. Our setup is Windows 10 + UEFI  I have just enabled bitlocker without TMP security (motherboard doesn't support it ), but after first boot-up I have noticed that the keyboard layout  I recommend that the V includes an on-screen keyboard for Bitlocker like other detachables, so such users are not obliged to always carry their keyboard. You may have the Device Encryption feature instead, but this works differently from BitLocker and doesn’t allow you to provide a startup key. I enabled legacy USB in BIOS and even tried a PS/2 keyboard. We recently received and setup a new Surface Studio and have enabled BitLocker (using Sophos SafeGuard Device encryption software) but have come across an issue where the onscreen keyboard simply does not work. Hit Enter on the keyboard to unlock it. BitLocker with TPM-only protection is vulnerable to cold boot, Firewire, and BIOS keyboard buffer attacks. You can also Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu this shortcut, or move where you like in Windows 7 for easy use. 3. Me and my users (about 50+) using X and T series Lenovo laptops and ThinkPad Pro Dock 65W (40A1, 40A10065XX) are also affected by the same issue - External Lenovo keyboard (41A4967 - cabled, USB, attached to the docking station) are unable to enter their Bitlocker credentials from the ext. If you use BitLocker on Windows, you may have noticed a fall in its performance once you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. -Upon looking at the event logs I've noticed the following "Failed to enable Silent Encryption. Full disk encryption using BitLocker Drive Encryption technology. Group Policy Editor will open. This is the one I use and This will show you how to create or download a BitLocker Drive Encryption shortcut. msc” into the Run  Apr 16, 2018 One is that you are using a tablet and so may not have a keyboard available during pre-boot where you might need to enter the BitLocker key. BitLocker actually takes longer on Windows 10 when compared to Windows 7 How To Enable BitLocker With Intel PTT and No TPM For Better Security To quickly access the Local Group Policy Editor you can press Windows+R on your keyboard, type “gpedit. It has all of the latest Microsoft and Lenovo updates installed, including BIOS update. A) Using the provided "recovery key ID" number in the screenshot below, locate the BitLocker recovery key for this drive, and then click on Type the recovery key. bitlocker keyboard

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